Efter att jag börjat få min behandling mår jag mycket bättre, har inte ont längre osv.
Good hospital staff
VPriv helps me feel normal
Tell your loved ones, your friends and work people about your disease, so they know whats going on.
Travelling and hanging out with my best friends.
My brother having the same disease made me feel less "different". Da mein Bruder dieselbe Krankheit hat, habe ich mich nie so sehr als "anders" gefühlt.
Working out.
Took Ceredase in 90s then quit for 16 years then started Elelyso. Been almost 3 years now
I am on enzyme replacement therapy changed my life
Connecting with others who have the same illness.
Support from my online "Gaucher family"
Mi terapia de reemplazo enzimático
Andra tar mig mer på ”allvar” om jag skulle ha ont någonstans.
Friends, family who were there for me.
My family and friends that understand my illness
Get a good and experienced nurse to help with infusions
My mom who is always by my side and supports me.
Talking to people (the same age) with the same disease helps a lot! Mit Menschen (gleichen Alters) zu sprechen, die dieselbe Krankheit haben, kann so viel helfen!
Eating healthy.
Still manage to live a full life and hope to inspire others
to become a member of an association made me feel better
Hopefully, treament will help. Still getting all of the testing done.
My spouse helps me with the treatment
Dormir por lo menos 8 horas diarias y tomar vitaminas
Jag se sjukvården med andra ögon, utan dem hade jag kanske fortfarande mått dåligt.
Accepting the facts, and taking each day as it comes.
Being able to work from home
Be happy, always remember there is someone doing worse than you.
Going to gym.
My friends, who never made a big deal of my illness. Meine Freunde, für die meine Krankheit nie ein Thema war.
Support system.
talking about my problem
A super supportive husband.