I have a port in my chest and I do daily electrolyte infusions.
I have amazing doctors
Meeting friends all over the world to discuss and support each other
Don't skip your medicine, even if you are feeling better.
Don't skip your medicine, even if you are feeling better.
Ever since my nan died back november 2015 , I made a promise to myself i keep going and make a very good life for myself.
Never underestimate the power of salt. Do not remove it. Increase it as it will make you feel better
Finding a compassionate doctor who is knowledgeable and understanding.
Cooking is always my passion
Pickles / pickle juice
Epsom salts in the bath help muscle cramps
Drink lots of water
Having the Gitelman support group on Facebook
Weekly labs
30 Slow Sodium tablets, 9 Slow K tablets and 8 Mag Tab SR tablets per day
changing from 18 mag ox 400 a day to 8 mag tab 64 a day
Spironolactone helped me the most.
acompanhamento mensal com nefrologista
Eating a very high sodium diet has been the biggest factor.
Oral magnesium
supplementing with Magnesium glycinate powder, 2-3g/day
I try to eat as cleanly as possible.
I have an amazing support system
Sitting on the sand half in the ocean
Twitches mean low magnesium.
Twitches mean low magnesium.
My dad is always there for me ever since i got diagnosed with gitelmans syndrome.
Don't Drink water alone. It will dilute your electrolytes. Add salt to the water. Or drink healthy electrolyte replenisher
Having the support of others on the Gitelmans Facebook group.
Im a little fighter
A dr that listens
Racing heartbeat means low levels of potassium
Get lots of rest
Hospital stays
Epsom Salt Baths
not drinking soda's because of the sugar and caffeine
I was taking Slow-Mag and then added Mag-Tab SR and feel much better.
as medicações me ajudam muito depois que comecei a tomar me sinto melhor
Weekly labs. Its easier to treat small drops than wait for a big one.
Magnesium Infusions
supplementing with Sodium (table salt), 3g/day
I try to eat a lot of salt to keep my blood pressure as high as possible.
join gitelman/bartter buddies on fb
Making sure I don't miss my meds
Flutter heart and anxiety mean low potassium.
Flutter heart and anxiety mean low potassium.