Getting gluten out of my diet
Transition lens reading glasses.
Faith & prayer
Ronald, my husband
Meide enzymzerstörende Einflüsse.
Positive attitude
I have a gp/family doctor who believes in the reality of M.E.
Finally accepting my need for a wheelchair.
Taking all eye drops.
Allowing my daughter to be independent
Positive Thinking
ibuprofen, warm showers, tramadol, voltaren gel
Essen enzymreicher Nahrung, bei bestehender Metallintoxikation kombinieren mit Bindemitteln
Take your meds regularly
My doctor knows that no pain control med works on every kind of pain
Finally getting an Aspergers diagnosis in the mid-1980's.
Not exercising too strenuously
Wearing a hat out doors
Loving supportive husband, son & family.
The hard work by ALL my Doctors!
people who try to understand with out compareing my illness to theirs, or attempting to cmpare pain to a normal injury, those people are rare and it helps so much to just have someone listen with out comparing and with out judging.
Family support
Eating as well as I can financially afford- quality over quantity- helps
Godly Friends and living for Christ!
Learning to curb my type-a personality.
Support groups