Continuing my normal routine daily as much as possible
Belief that God has this and has completely removed it from my body.
My wife has saved me by non stop research and support
seis meses de radio terapia y quimioterapia son medicamentos paliativos a la enfermedad
Find the balance between modern medicine and natrual cures
Out of the blue the scary thought of cancer brought me down.
Low dose of dexamethasone kept me from throwing up daily even months after radiation treatments were completed
Keeping high protein drinks like boast a daily part of my diet
My dr put me on an eating plan to help me gain weight
Nutrition and diet strengthened my fight
Mi familia ha estado siempre ayudando
Everything you pit in your mouth heals your or kills you!
Keto Diet
I felt better if I could do things I normally did especially since I could no longer work— things like grill a burger, mow the lawn.
Taking vitamin b complex daily
My team of drs listen to me and believe i am a miracle.
Cannibis oil got me off pain meds and steroids and stopped all seizures immediately after using
el amalaki, el kalanchoe, el vidatox y la zeolita son los medicamentos usados como alternativos a la ciencia
4 people in this fight- me (wife) protect organs, patient believe you can win and let go od the fear of dying and the doctors to come at the tumor with everything they got and your faith in your god to trust your journey. .
Trying to keep motivated
I simply did not want to discuss any alternative to me getting better. I wanted to stay hopeful so discussing the inevitable was not my deal.