A great neuro, family and friends
Physiotherapy support on going as I need it
Regular exercise at a gym with an instructor who really knows how to set up an exercise programme and to change it regularly to keep challenging the body to make improvements.
Dontt give up
My partner fighting this with me has given me the strength to keep fighting
I did everything my doctors, nurses, and PTs told me too. Not always without complaint, but I did it.
Gabapentin in the beginning
Wise counselling by a godly pastor
My faith
Trying to eat better - less sugar and preservatives
Med changes stopping gabapentin and starting lyrica and cymbalta
Primero Dios mi fe
Loving support
Physical Therapy
Staying positive and calm
5 bags of IVG gamagloblin
I actually have the acute motor axonal neuropathy variant
IvIG. I now receive it every 6 weeks.
Positive attitude.
The motivation from my wife
IVIG treatments
Hot showers for pain that medication doesn't help
Changed my diet to Paleo after curing SIBO
Regular mycophenolate and tegretol medications
5 days of kiovig every 8 weeks
Getting the Doctors to listen to me
close family support
time to recover
Regular swimming and water exercise at the new aquatic centre
IVIG for 5 days, gave me fast improvements
my 3 daughters
my husband who helps me always
My children
Keeping active physically to strengthen your muscles.
great doctors and staff at St. Anthony Hospital in Rockford IL
My Faith in God
Appropriate expertise.
Started playing drums at age 5 to regain dexterity in hands and feet
Lots of rest, listen to your body!
Keeping warm
Immunoglobulins, 5 cycles, helped speed my revovery