My husband. Always helping me, and telling the Drs what's wrong when my memory goes.
Talking to other people with the same experience
my family
My family being by my side
I have learnt how strong I really am
Understanding the disease
I went in for my 36 week check up. I saw my baby's face on the 4D ultrasound and then saw his real face the next day.
Baby aspirin daily during 2nd and 3rd pregnancies
Tens machine on feet
God and my wonderful support team!
The unconditional and open love and support from my husband and family
Giving birth to my baby
Enalapril 20mg daily
My first ob let my symptoms go unnoticed for almost 10 weeks.
Having a lot of family support.
Finding out I am compound heterozygous MTHFR and taking 15mg of L Methylfolate daily
The amazing help support from my fiance, doctors and midwives
Meu filho ter sobrevivido
Founded the Preeclampsia Foundation in 1999.
My little boy coming into the world
I have been able to finish more education
Coming to terms with having to go through it
I had a pain under my right boob pretty much my entire pregnancy...I thought it was heartburn.
More milk and eggs
Hot bath
Lost almost 40lbs.
Dealing with the loss of our little girl with the support of SIDS and Kids
Taking aspirin with my second pregnancy
Support from my husband
I had an emergency c section at 37 weeks
My work family helping me with my time off.
Counseling, due the loss of my baby girl at 37 Weeks from HELLP
im one of the lucky ones.
O apoio do meu marido
Dr. Easter
taking control of aspects of my health I can control
Positive vibes
Knowing I'm not the only one whose been through it
My doctor had just attended a conference on hellp syndrome. He performed a c section to save my life and my baby's life.
Daily monitoring
Blood pressure and iron medicine.
Connecting with others who survived HELLP and those who had also lost their children
Monitoring my bp daily during my second pregnancy
I had my epidural in for 4 days before they could remove it
Having a positive attitude.
Better diet and regular exercise
looking into my babies eyes gave me the strength and courage