Listen to your instincts. I came within 3 days of treatment with interferon when my gut told me that this wasn't the treatment for me. I'm glad that I waited because than Harvoni came along and now I'm cured
3 months of interferon,nonrespoder
Never drink alcool
I underwent treatment 8 years ago for genotype 1a, cleared and now work with the impacted population
,,,não usar bebidas alcolicas,
My Carla passed away in December 2008.
Sofosbuvir și Ledispavir mi-a schimbat viața în bine:)
Harmony 12 weeks
Went on Sovadi - Virus free
Went on Sovadi - Virus free
Went on Sovadi - Virus free
Went on Sovadi - Virus free
Treated with Pegylated Interferon plus Ribavirin
950 mg tumeric daily
4 weeks of treatment
Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.
No alcohol
No alcohol
No alcohol
Opioid therapy
Being a Youth Minister
3 meses de Sovaldi y rivabirina me salvaron la vida.
Refazer tratamento
Anti depressants fluoxitine
Colvita Collagen (14 treatments total within 2 years) 1 box = 120 capsule Over 20 days so 6 capsules a day x 20 (at 7 months out was dying and colvita saved my life sustaining wellmover 30 serious permenant adverse damages ... (2016) past year 80% better
Don't worry about what other people think about you or how you got this disease. Good people become infected just as easily as someone who's into drugs and even if you have a sorted past...are you that same person 20 or 30 years later, I think not, so don
9 week after tratment with generic harvoni.I am undetactable at 4 week,I fell great.
Naping every time I get the chance
leaving behind old habits
,,,não usar bebidas alcolicas,
Excision Surgery & Hyterectomy
My name is Bob, Carla was the love of my life.
Un mic regim alimentar e bine venit!.
Been clear of virus for 10 years
My dogs & cats
Moral support by my family
Hepc treatment w/o borders group
Pain pills