Staying as healthy as possible through good nutrition, mild exercise, and rest.
Swimming or just floating
Minimizing stress
Using wrist splints every night, and during day occasionally when needed
Cold tempatured often makes it worst for me
Regular light exercise
Pregabaline helps
Ginger! Put ginger in everything :) also pipas (sunflower seeds)
Keeping a positive attitude
Writing a resource site for HNPP has been hugely stimulating
Gabapentin has helped with both my HNPP symptoms as well as my essential tremor
Wrist Braces
Avoiding neurotoxic medications listed on the CMT Neurotoxic Medications warning list.
Epsom salt hot soak in tub
Knowing and accepting my physical limits
Avoiding activity I know will trigger trapped nerves or pain, i.e., kneeling, crossing legs, wearing heels, clapping!
I try never resting on a nerve, example leaning in an elbow
Women on my mums side of the family seem to have this condition
Positive outlook and staying active when I can.
Pain killers and rest when in pain - one or the other does not work needs to be both. And a lot of shaking to get blood flow into numb spots.
Chair yoga has saved my life!
A healthy mostly plant based diet with good fats such as flax, hemp hearts and avacado and olive oil.
Modified activities
Listening to my body's symptoms: If I feel numbness or tingling, I try to stop whatever is causing it right away.
Proper rest & CBD
Listening to my body
Recognising my body's limits, and respecting them.
Surgeries do not prevent the pain from returning
Herbal pain patches
Going paleo helps
Better bed
Osteopath, massage, going to the local swimming pool to use the spa and resting at home with a heat pack.
I eat a lot of ginger , cinnamon and tumeric
Talking to other people with HNPP is wonderful.
Educating my doctors not to apply compression to my legs and feet
Rest during an episode