Story about Hyperekplexia .

Stiff Baby.

May 20, 2017

By: Jeff

Born in 1944,Very stiff when awake and always jumpy when startled,fell a lot during child hood and did not protecked myself with hands,went all through school years still a bit stiff,but nobody understood in those days and we just got on with life.always jumped through out my life at sudden noise....was lucky to have a normal working life untill l was in my late 60s when started to have bad falls and loss of balence.So had scans,and Blood tests heart monitering,after 2 years the Consuiltant had another blood test done that confirmed that i had HIPEREKPLEXIA and i was the first case that he had seen.also my Daughter aged 23 was confirmed also .....and now for last couple years my life has been nearly normal,i just have to be more aware of my surroundings.Had to stop work But now i can run slowy, doing 5 and 10k races plus half-marathon slow ....stopped riding motor cycles but some times ride a bicycle carefully.......This is just a short story ...cheers

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