Support was Key
The Ayden Rae Foundation
Home health care
Iv fluids
Home health care , IV hydration, Vitamin Bags
Medications- ondansetron, ranitidine, doxylamine, promethazine, mirtazipine and metoclopramide
My husband's support through both my hg pregnancies
Zofran taken everyday
IV fluids
Liquid magnesium aka magnesium oil
Zofran Pills, 8mg (if nothing else works)
Intravenous Port
Constant intake of fluids for POTS.
Ice pops help me
Finding a supportive OB at GBMC hospital
Medication - Dicelectin and Reglan
My reglan pump was my best friend for 7 months
I was lucky to have had a bestfriend who experienced HG as well. So having her for support meant the world to me.
Depending on friends, family, and support groups
Mantra: "I have survived 100% of my hardest days so far."
Zofran, Restavit, Fluids
Support from my mother helped me
Fighting with HG
Proper Hydration and Nutrition
Constant trips to the hospital
understanding and compassionate OB/GYns
An understanding and respectful doctor
Ondansetron wafers
Early intervention
A support network of drs, midwives, physiatrist and my partner
My healthy sons
Vistaril taken everyday
Vitamin B6
Medicinal Marijuana, Heavy Indicas only.
Zofran pump
Reglan pump
Regular anti-emetics for Hyperemesis Gravidarum
A strong support system - Don't be afraid to ask for help
Hot baths help me
Medications would help a little for the first 7-10 days than stop helping.
IV fluids