150 asap in the am
Focus on my nutrition
Surgery with an EXPERT parathyroid surgeon (Dr. Kennedy in Decatur, GA cured me after my first surgery with another surgeon failed)
Parathyroidectomy was life changing. I got my life back
Stay active
Vit d suppliments helped my pains incredibly. The difference between me being able to walk or have to stay in bed.
Heating Pad
Listen to your body, if you need to rest then rest.
Finding a knowledgeable endo and parathyroid surgeon
I stopped trying to work.
Increase your HC when you are stressed
Going gluten free
Keeping active daily
Listen to your body, rest when you can
Support from others!
I started a support group called Hyperparathyroid UK Action 4 Change on FB.
Not every sickness you get is related to hyperparathyroidism, but hyperparathyroidism can affect just about everything.
A heated blanket on my bed in winter saved my bones from the added aches the cold causes to your the bones
Correct Diagnosis eventually.
healthy eating
Appropriate Medication
Support and Awareness groups
Enjoy & take pleasure from the little things in life.
Support from others sufferers
Determined to have the op despite not having a 100 % guarantee of success
I got my own place, moved out of my partners place.
Holidays and heat. Get the balance right
Trying to do without meds
Counseling & research
Don't try to do it all, it's okay to ask for help
Increased knowledge about the disease
My experience helps others around the world.http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2776581/Mother-looked-nine-months-pregnant-feared-dementia-diagnoses-rare-condition-Googling-symptoms-desperation.html
You may have some variation of problems that is more rare than a single parathyroid adenoma. If you do, even if the variation is rare, you're still a wonderful person.
Keep well hydrated. Lots and lots of water
People includeing Doctors believe I was ill.....shame I had to have a TIA before getting the Doctor who realised!
Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements
magnesium,calcium,vit D & K (sunshine)
Appropriate Diagnosis
Support from family and friends
Get yourself a pet, they can lift your mood & are great company!