Diet & exercise
I was diagnosed 5 years ago.
treatments so far...IVIG, Prednisone, Rituxan, counr is 41000 on 12/8/15
Careful sleep and rest
changing my diet
Vitamin D3,B6, and B12
Belive it's an exam from Allaha and I should pass through it with all hope and satisfy.
Rituxan saved my life
Minha família. Sempre está do meu lado me ajudando a enfrentar qualquer obstaculo.
Positive Mental Attitude
Papaya leaf extract helps
Reading a lot about ITP
IVIG treatments.
ITP network
I have been on prednisone for going on 2years, I have lymphoma and need 3 bone marrow biopsies every 3 months and Need 2 Rituxin chemo treatments to try to help both issues
My family!
mi equipo medico
1 year of Promacta put me in remission
oatmeal baths
Finally a doctor who listens to me.
Prednisone safe my life when I was diagnosed
Pilates class
Aceptar que es una enfermedad crónica, totalmente tratable.
Deus e a força q ele tem me dado
llevo tres años tomando inmunosupresores y estoy relativamente estable
Un excelente hematólogo ha ayudado mucho en el caso de mi hija.
to be able to help others seek as well as navigate the confusing academic shamble we have as our architect.
Positive thinking
new reasearch on duanes
My platelets hover between 70 and 150. I have had no pharmaceutical interventions.
Reducing stress
getting more sleep
Glucosamine with MSM helped with joint pain after prednisone treatments
Family and Friends are very important to support .
I kept my spleen to fight off infections
Minha fé em Deus que é inabalável.
Don't EXCESS Anything....
Physical exercise
Finding my own and the best way to live with that disease
Having a supportive family.
Reading about the disease
I have diabetes, high blood pressure, bipolar, anxiety, depression and a host of other issurs
Trying to stay positive
el apoyo de mi madre
I think positively
no processed food
My partner and kids keep me going even through the darkest days.
My husband and my kids they always was by my side, no matter my mood .
Vitamin complex