Getting a proper diagnosis by having reveal device implanted
After 5 normal ablations and 1 epicardial ablation I'm free from rhyhtmdisorders
Placing ice packs on my wrist and neck (pulse areas)
Pregnancy helped my heart for that time.
Ivabradine lowered my HR much better than beta blockers
My supportive friends and husband
Taurine, particularly taken before anything that increases my heart rate.
Cell food by nu science has helped chronic fatigue gotten rid of many symptoms
Researching/traveling/ fighting for the right treatment
Find an electrophysiologist that actually understands this condition.
Getting a solid diagnosis by a reputable cardiologist.
Stop caffeine
Finding support from others with the same condition
God: my faith has gotten me through the worst pain I've ever felt, and my ongoing chronic pain, illness, and disability.
Sleep. Plenty of sleep on a regular basis is a must!
Jan 28th had an ablation and has helped tons.
Flecainide helped a lot
Routine (no stress, eating well, exercising)
El metoprolol es mi compañero fiel.
Small regular amounts of exercise in the morning
AV-node and His ablation that made me 100% pacemaker dependent
Having someone in the room with me
Support from my husband.
My wonderful husband's support
Increased salt intake helps me have less problems
For overall health, low dose naltrexone.
collagen powder has helped with joint pain
Having my husband, supportive family and social media groups
Changing my expectations and letting go of my pride.
Starting taking Ivabradine.
Art: making jewelry, home accessories, computer graphics, drawing, painting (although the last two are limited by my disabling conditions).
A supportive spouse.
I take Corlanor and Bystolic.
Regular cardio training helping
Avoiding heat
Mi familia y novio siempre me cuidan.
Lowering stress by proper relaxation
My family and two dogs who have been always there for me.
Building up exercise so that my resting heart rate has decreased
Aircon is my savior
Cardio's competence and empathy
An amazing cardiologist
Slowly reconditioning my body, so that I can exercise a bit and feel healthier overall.
My husband- a man who works in healthcare going to appointments telling them it is not anxiety. They didn't believe me.
knowing my blood panel and fixing the vitamins accordingly has helped immensely.
The safety net foundation
Staying cognitively challenged through hobbies, as a substitute to physical exertion.