Talking to others who have been through the same experience.
Follow up with my Cardiologist
Nesleleri tutma
My son was taken off Coumadin at age 4
Trust your guts when you think something is wrong with your child
My son was diagnosed at 3 months old
wczesne rozpoznanie
NOTHING makes me feel better
Son dx 1996
Coronary artery aneurysms
Diagnosed at 10 months old
Raising Kawasaki Disease awareness in our community.
Other KD families
Take my medicine every day
Ayakta durabilme
My KD kid just finished his freshman year at college
Be a mummy bear!!!
He did almost a year on aspirin
Immunoglobulina i aspiryna
My son never got a diagnosis
Bypass surgery at 13
On aspirin and lovenox
Lots of time
My mother saved my life and kept fighting for someone to diagnose me
Keeping up with follow-up cardiology appointments as recommended by the AHA.
Kawasaki Kids
Eat healthy
Etrafi daha iyi tanima
Never thought we would be 19 years removed from KD
Keep pushing
He was treated within the 10 day open window
My son died 27 days from the onset of fever
Proud co-founder of Kawasaki Disease Canada
5 months old @dx
My hands and feet still peel every October