Taking my testosterone shots
Believe in your self.
Obtaining a Genetic test
Having amazing family doctor (and staff) who really cares for their patients.
My dad who used to be a great support b4 he passed away
A supportive wife
Testosterone dramatically improved my critical thinking, logic and reasoning.
periodic medical check for a steady intake of testosterone
A mom that's always got my back
Here to support others from my experience of over 40 yrs.
Not alone so help to understand is out there
Seeking Treatment with Testosterone thru an Endocrinologist
treatment with hormones
Daily dose of compounded cream.
Testosterone injections
Having the support of my loving Fiance
having friends that are supportive
Getting diagnosed
Infant testosterone injections
un combat de tous les instants avec l'androtardyl 250mg que je prend tous les 15 jours
Find a good endocrinologist
started TRT 3 months ago.
Supportive Wife
Find a good Therapist
Tratamiento de sustitución hormonal con Reandron 1000ml
Switched to testoviron after living hell with nebidio from I was 15 to I was 23 years old
Nebido changed my life!!!
Testosterone patches since 2/2017
Arimidex .5mg every other day has turned everything around!
Centro klinefelter di Padova
Finding knowledgeable doctors
Don't think about it too much.
Expert help from an experienced physician
Getting the diagnosis
i started vaping CBD oil recently , has made a great difference in my spasm and pain level
Starting on HRT
Exercising regularly
My TRT injections have helped a lot.
I'm different from other people- i feel like im a X-Men :)
Testosterone Therapy
Refused Testosterone
Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Testosteron injeksjon hjelper på min xxy
Having 2 wonderful babys from using a donor sperm
un hijo es lo mas grande del mundo