Low Fat diet
Support of my Life Partner Jesha. She has been through it all with me. Supports me takes care of me and keeps my spirits up.
Whenever I have severe pain where I cannot move, I would take medication which helps in terms of relieving the pain to an extent
Exercise of limb
A good doctor that understands the condition.
Compression stocking
My family
wearing a compression bandage during the day
Compression stockings to manage swelling and vascular problems
nunca te des por vencido
Stocking or pressure garment whenever foot isnt elevated
Resting with my leg elevated
Lymphatic massage
I tell my daughter she is special
Meias elásticas de média compressão
Iloprost infusions help my raynauds
I was fortunate to have had an early diagnosis
Compression garments, but good ones, which fit properly and are comfy!
Compression Stockings
Warm Compresses
Wearing compression stockings, helps keep the circulation flowing and helps keep ulcers from forming.
My support system consisting of my Parents on the forefront
Staying hydrated
Keeping legs elevated
support stockings
sclerotherapy / laser treatment
L9ve my dogs
taking pain relief
Dr Jason Jenkins from the Royal Brisbane Hospital
Dormir con unos tacos de madera en la piecera de la cama
Keep affected area elevated while sleeping or whenever possible
Massaging affected limb
Compression garments
She is unique
Começar a me entender
My husband calls me fluffy
Wearing a surgical compression stocking enables me to live a fairly normal life
Crying when you need too.
Blood thinners
Sleep number bed
Pain medication from my pcp has saved me. Without it I would be in more excruciating pain than I already am. This disease is a very painful one.
To relax and not concentrate on exactly what you are going through, it sometimes helps to clear your mind and not focus on what you have been facing head on all your life
Massage of hand. (It cramps up a lot)
Being wary of interal conditions also related to KTS.
Panadol pain relief and rest
running around feeling free like any normal kid
Support from family and friends
Aguante el DAFLON
Exercise and pain management without medication