Terapia de natación, bicicleta estacionaria y terapia física regular.
buscar opiniones diversas hasta encontrar la mejor
Exercise, Weight lifting and fitness
Pain relief
Hot bath helps soothe a bit when you're having bad pains
morphine patch
2 años y medio con la férula de thomas
Keeping active and managing recovery
Exercise and good food. Cant have much fat on my body.
knowing we are not alone
Having finally decided to use a wheelchair 95% of the time has helped increase my outside activities.
Profesional especialista con experiencia
buscar a los medicos que tengan experiencia en los tratamientos mas avanzados y actuales
Eating well and keeping my weight as low as possible, so my hip has less to carry M
My mum helps me lots
Apoyo de mi familia y amigos
Recently gave away most impact sports, running and tennis etc
Alcohol works, my body reacts to nsaid's.
My wife being the best advocate anyone could ask for.
Buena alimentación
hacer terapia física y mucha natacion , no utilizar aparatos ya estan obsoletos
People, my wife and friends of course but also my Perthes friends online and hearing that my story is an inspiration to other people
Physcio. And swimming
Actividades alternativas
Took up Crossfit a year ago and is working very well to help manage pain and symptoms
Got it in both my legs.
Increasing my upper body strength has made getting around in a manual wheelchair better.