Joining a Crossfit gym within 6 months has had the most positive impact.
My wonderful support system of family & friends
Support groups with people who have had the same disease
The unconditional love and support from my parents and my friends
Support groups online
Icu personel were able to find out it was lemierres, and gave me the right medicine
I've recently begun a candida diet to improve my gut flora. This has helped with my chronic fatigue.
Change diet to deal with bacterial flora issues. I eat more healthy and take probiotics and increased my finer intake.
Getting off as many pharmaceutical drugs as possible and using healthy mind healthy body techniques.
Eat a healthy balanced diet.
exercising daily
My support system.
Becoming more active -taking long hikes with my dog, and joining a gym
sharing my story with others
My family were there for me
Believing in second chances!
Learning to take one day at a time and to stay positive.
Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
eating better
Changing health habits to improve recovery time.
Learning self-care through Yoga & Meditation. Finding the balance in my life and truly putting things into perspective.
Dr Randall Black ENT Rogers Arkansas
My doctor followed me up twice a week, to give me the right dose of bloodthinners
The Gym.
Resting my body fully. Then getting back in shape and fitness. Now stronger than before I got sick.
To love oneself no matter what.
Exercise at least 3x/week to keep the body moving and to maintain a healthy weight.
anxiety/depression medication