Horse riding
affected by lgmd2e
I've got ankle foot orthesis on both feet. Give's a lot help and joy.
An amazing support network
Knowing that I have a beautiful healthy little girl.
To Get the diagnose
El apoyo de mi familia y amigos.
My dogs
Got an Tricycle bike from the Dutch company called VanRaam. This is feauterd with an high power electrical motor otherwise it is not do able.
My daughter who makes me continue too fight
Avoiding disease maps.
Very supportive and close family and friends, ( friends are the family you choose)
Good friends
Las sesiones de fisioterapia que me ayudan con el dolor.
Plexus products-helps my mood and gives me more energy
My electric wheelchair keeps me independent and active in society
The sweet sweet feel of latex against my cheek.
Help from community
Vivir cada día intensamente y no dar importancia a mi enfermedad.