Knowledge and check ups
Regular screening
Joining a support group on Facebook
being screened by the hospital every 2 years
having regular check ups
LSUK charity
Hochdosiertes Vitamin D3 hat bei mir die Bildung neuer Tumore gestoppt.
TJ being there for me
Support from family
Diet awarneds
Encouragement from family and friends
knowing that there is nothing you can do to change it so dont let it worry you, just get on with life
face book talking with others
Talking to others
Treibe regelmäßig Sport. Wünsche Dir niemals, Du würdest nicht mehr leben, dass beeinflusst Dein Unterbewusstsein und schwächt Dein Immunsystem.
Thinking about positive things
Support groups
Doing my yearly exams to screen for cancer
joining the lynch syndrome facebook group for support if needed
giving support and joking about silly things that happen to us
Knowing as much as I can about it- even if the doctors don't
Verhindere alles, was Entzündungen in Deinem Körper bewirken können. Daraus entstehen Tumore.
Enjoying Each Day Blessed to Be here