Heat wraps
Sun & any heat helps
LWD and Madelung Deformity
Previous surgeries
3 years with Madelung’s deformity
Dauereinnahme Arcoxia 120mg
A family that are always there to help me out
Daughter had first Vickers release surgery to hopefully correct right arm
I talked to my doctor about it
Surgery helps
A good support network
Never been operated on wrists due to MD and hardly ever experience pain
Stretching it and using essential oils
15 years
A car so I won’t have to carry heavy things further that the distance from my door to the car
Second Vickers Release surgery scheduled for July 2018 on left arm
Tried as many treatment options as I could
I like soda
Wrist splints
A good GP & Consultant
Knowing my strengths and weakness with my deformity
A flexible study and work
Saw geneticist to confirm if leri Weil is also diagnosed
Pain is hard