AJ has intermittent MSUD
El nacer en un lugar donde conocen de esta enfermedad
Being on a combination of my formula and fish oil capsules have definitely made me feel healthier.
my bf always there when needed always helps me stay strong n encourages me never to give up
I terrified to let her go to kinder
El amor de mis padres y mi hermana
In January this year I started using MSUD Maxamum as part of my everyday diet, rather than just when an episode of MSUD flares up (this hasn't happened since I was 10 years old and am now almost 38) this is in part to prepare my body for pregnancy. Since
my family n friends who supported me through the really rough times
It's a lot easier to handle her now she on no restrictions
La entrega de mi Dra. Metabolico
Eating more sensibly
my own determination to never let it beat me to fight till iv nothing left iv always said there are people worse off than me n if they can fight so can i my illness will never defy me as a person