Diet Changes
Getting outdoors!
During my nearly ten months on prednisone, I ate mostly protein and green salads and actually lost weight.
My Son 1 month with Minimal Change Disease
Finding doctors who are passionate and knowledgeable about fighting this disease
I took high dose steroids for 4 months and was resistant to them.
Seeking the RIGHT support
It was comforting to know that the extreme shakiness was going to be temporary.
My Son Dominik , he is 5 already last week
My family, especially my husband, who advocate for me and fight along with me
I am now taking cyclosporine. Have been for over a year.
Eating a plant-based diet
I had to learn to ask other people for support and help. And that actually was a good thing.
We don't know what schuld we do
The hope Rituximab has provided
Not achieved remission yet but have improved numbers.