Gluten Free diet helped keep the sugar level in the normal range
Gluten Free diet helped keep the sugar level in the normal range
Good healthcare with dedicated doctor and medial straff.
Tandem Stem Cell Transplants at HUP in Phila, Pa
Great Friends
Staying positive through everything that came my way
Family/friends support
Finding a mupile myeloma specialist
Taking my regular meds
Trust in the treatment, but verify the results. Assume that the therapy will work, but check to make sure.
A gluten free, anti-inflammatory diet has made a big difference in minimizing side effects of meds and reduced aches and pains.
Having the support of my beautiful children.
Organically grown and GMO free produce
Having a real positive attitude!!
medical marijuana
Walking almost every day helps with neuropathy, energy and attitude.
Family supporting me.
Treatment plan has worked.
Two stemcelltransplant, 2005 and 2011.
Early detection
Try to Exercise everyday
Working and staying busy
Two separate rounds of Revlimid and Dex
SCT in January 2013
I have had 3 auto transplants
2 stem cell transplants
Massage for severe muscle pains
Communication with other MM patients
Sunny holidays!
Regular Exercise is a life saver.
Regular Exercise is a life saver.
My family that supports me.
Faith, Family and Friends are a Blessing
Believing in the process
All the supports from family and friends
Seeing a myeloma specialist.
Support from spouse
Living life not thinking about it all the time
Live fully in the moment. Age and health have little to do with satisfaction. Do something every day that scares you a bit.
Drinking lots of (filtered) water all throughout each and every day and a good vitamin/mineral supplement seems to help with strength and energy.
The unconditional love of my fiance'
Gluten free products
Don't sweat a little negative results!!
My husband brings me lots of ice water which helps me wash out all the toxic chemo.
Good Doctors and drugs.
Support and positive attitude of friends and family