Ramiprill 10mg per day
VERY IMPORTANT! Remember to have your eyes and kidneys checked at least once a year.
Being older and understanding its okay to be different
Keeping stress out of my life.
stay active martial arts weight training dancing
A positive attitude
Regular exams esp eye exams and kidney monitoring.
medical marijuana
La relation au sports a été compliquée car la plupart des profs notent en fonction des performances, sans tenir compte du handicap.
My family supports me.
Heat applied to my joints
vitamins?? they kinda help??
Anti Anxiety medicene made my irritable bowel symdrome livable.
Have annual eye tests.
I am happy that what is different about my thumps, knees, elbows, whole body,......... has a name, Nail-Patella Syndrome!
Appropriate weight
Access to highly specialised orthopaedic surgeons
Being diagnosed
Heat Packs help a tonne
I have been diagnosticated with 3 years. Now, I have 21
Spanish living in Malta
Keep thin to keep the weight off those knee joints
To avoid arthritis in a young age, don't do anything that makes you feel pain.
Family and friends
eat foods that high in antioxidents
Having health care professionals that care to learn about my condition
Keeping tabs with support groups on social media. exchanging ideas
my sweetie noel
Avec l'âge, les articulations des genoux deviennent plus douloureuses.
I moved to a lovable small town and they accept me here.
Attend Pain therapy group meetings once a month
its hireditory, so ive never been made to feel different
Had stents inserted in blocked artery in my heart recently
Never use painkillers other than paracetamol, eg. no ibuprofen, NSAIDS. Bad for kidneys.
I am surprised that not many doctors know anything about NPS or heard of it.
Loving parents
Prescribed pain killers & serotonin
Regular massages are a lifesaver
My mum that always fights with me
I discover my disease after 39 years
Be proud of yourself!
Do some exercising and keep your muscles strong to relieve back og joints.
Not wearing tight jeans so my knees don't hurt as much
use coconut oil and work ur joints dont relay on pain pills exercise
Haven't found much to actually make a difference physically
Understanding that many people may be curious so it is a good opportunity to teach them about your condition.
eating right
Il faut surtout bien muscler le dos et travailler sur de bonnes postures avec la colonne vertébrale.
I don't let what people say tear me down.
Make sure I keep my Dr appts.