Faith in God
Removing wound vac. Poor placement, completely useless, and painful
Being a "guinea pig" for the immunoglobin before it was FDA approved.
Join a support group
Prayers and beliving in a higher power. I try to share my story when I can. Dealing with Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, and PTSD.
Having a support group that has been apart of my life since then.
Knowing there were people there for me.
Knowing that I’m not alone
Six years after Necrotizing fasciitis I am going backwards instead of forward. I do not feel better.
Six years after Necrotizing fasciitis I am going backwards instead of forward. I do not feel better.
It took 11 different antibiotics to help me.
Love and support from family and friends
7 months after exposure and debridement we did a CT with contrast to visualize the wound more fully, remaining damage was far more extensive than anyone had guessed
Positive attitude and keeping humor in everything that I went through.
Emergency surgery saved my life. Thanks Professor Paul Burke and his amazing team.
Family & friends being there especially my husband
The company and love and support of those closest to me....especially LAUGHING with them!
Being informed! Learning everything about NF, and everything thing that could possibly happen to me, has made me feel so much better. I lived 5 yrs in the dark about my NF
Constant support of family and friends
Support System
Having an incredibly skillful and highly educated surgical team and hospital.
My faith in God
My son
All the nurses at R3 Wound Care Clinic - they are very knowledgeable and compassionate
Continuing Doxycycline maintenance dose has made a world of difference.
Gaining wait. Get protain (meat, cheeze, soy beans) enough.
Glad to be alive
Lawrence Memorial Hospital - they saved my life
Family Support
Wet to dry changesevery 4 hours NOT in Hospital , but by Mother
My faith in my higher power, lots of prayers.
Having things too study and learn more about Necrotizing Fasciitis
I have been blessed with 2 children who keep me going, they give me a reason to keep fighting.
having to overcome amnesia and relearn how to walk.
Wanting to live to be old.
My life is much as it was before
My daughter is the best back I have
My daughter is the best back I have
Knowledgable Specialists
My mother fought along with me
Low dose naltrexone improved granulation in wound healing to that approaching a non immunocompromized state
Having my cousin Vicky by my side for my whole ordeal.
Great rehab team at National Rehabilitation Hospital Dun Laoghaire.
Day release from hospital