Supportive family and friends
Digital drawing
Young Actors Theatre
Pain medication
Finding the right Dr. Who dosn't just chase numbers, switched from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid.
IV Rocephin, other abx (Dapsone, Mepron, Doxy) + FMT
Seeking the right help without delay.
Accepting who I am.
Hypnotherapy, meditation, mindfulness
Os medicamentos
My service dog
The boring basics - but the most importent. Eating healthy. I eat good carbs, high fiber and Clean Foods.
TENS unit
Valdoxan [Agomelatine]; immeasurably aids my sleep quality as well as treating anxiety & depression. Both of which have sleep issues at their core as well.
my mom who is very supportive and looks for long term solutions to issues
conversar con mi psicolgo, que me dio las herramientas necesarias para no tener miedo a los pensamientos
Pacing and meditation
My mom
Manual Physical Therapy
Cutting out Gluten, Dairy, Sugar.
Subcutaneous IgG
My family and partner always support and help me.
Energy healing
Distraction helps me if not taken extremely.
Close connections where I feel safe to express my vulnerability
Conversar semanalmente cm minha pisicologa
Finding people that have the same condition as you // support one another
Exercise in all forms
Great support from friends & husband.
prozac a day keeps the suicidal ideation away
Medical cannabis
My cats
Needed Surgeries
Staying positive and active even on the bad days.
Writing things down has helped me deal with emotional times.
Getting by for my son.
Adequate sleep, Prescription medication (somewhat)
Falar sobre meus sintomas cm alguem
"There is always light at the end of the tunel."
Taking alone time.
Ensuring my food & drink intake is nutritionally dense & inflammatory fighting.
animal crossing- i get to be outside but not