Getting a real diagnosis that can be proven really helped my emotional wellbeing
Lateral Branch Block has worked for the pain
Physio inflames OCI, many people have found. Sitting, standing, bending can trigger it. Exercise. Walking on uneven ground, high impact walking, high impact walking, bicycling,
knowledge is power
Heating pads are life
Hip opening exercise, heating pad, tens machine, muscle relaxers (robot platinum) all help but when I flare it's a 10/10. Hip opening exercise in bed. Bedrest and not moving is the only thing that helps.
go easy on yourself
Turmeric helps
It's the condensing of the bone, bones have nerves, that become compressed. This may be a benign disease and self limiting but it hurts like hell. Doctors don't understand that it is painful. There is an amazing group on Facebook of over 500 people that