look at the food you eat it a big one
6 months conservative treatment - no impact.
Follow all drs rules
Physiotherapy including machinery such as Tecar, Laser and Magnotherapy.
Rx, knowing the limits to elude pain and flares
Explored all options for surgical intervention
Shoes insoles
Relaxing in front of Netflix with my leg up
Depo Progesterone birth control got rid of my endo pain, but it's not for everyone.
My mom has always been by my side taking me to endless appointments.
lots and lots od physical therapy after surgery!! also practice at home everyday
My family!
Cognitive behavioral therapy
Grateful for a quick diagnosis
My fiancé. he's helped me through all the pain
Recently diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans in left knee
carbonated water is a bad one have not had it for 30 years
Cast and hinged brace
Staying mind positive
Tauxib (medication).
Positive outlook
cooling pads!
Equal rest equal play
My dogs
Surgical intervention
Grateful to our donor's family
my animals have helped when I've been down
About to have first arthroscopy in left knee
Having an ortho with experience in JOCD.
Taking vitamins and glucosamime chondroitin
Keeping active within restrictions given (no running,no jumping, no high impact exercise)
my mum
And because of the first 2 also myself because i made it happen that i can live a normal life
Working with a pain specialist to determine pain medication regime
Physical therapy
Grateful to our team of surgeon & therapists that guided us
starting a new job
Fibromyalgia sufferer