uso de calmantes analgesicos
Arthroscopys to both knees
Acupuntura, moxibustion
Intramuscular Stimulation
Finding a surgeon to do surgery asap is paramount
Finally getting correct diagnosis. It took forever.
Doing "prehab" exercises that I found online ( stopped my hip from "popping out" as often.
High grade concentrated cannabis oil
Cannabis has worked better than any pain med!!!!
Don't over do exercise or exertion
Had left hip replacement 4/2016
Prescription pain medicine
Total left hip replacement
Drinking shakeology reduces inflammation
Getting a right total hip replacement
Being in a support group
recent bilateral hip surgery
I got it from prednison
My daughters encouragement and love
Had hip replacement at two years ago at age 15
Had hip replacement at two years ago at age 15
using a wheelchair for the first time, as it helps with non weight bearing
A walker
Positive attitude
Rhe pain isn't as bad if I don't stand or walk a lot
Hip-kit has been useful, especially the sock helper.
Only Dihydrocodine can be used to fight the pain
I have 4 boys!
HSCT to treat my MS
Pain started after falling asleep with my wrist against the wall
Rest helps to a degree
The support of my husband, family and friends has allowed me to do less and take time to rest and heal
Family support
I'm having CD on July 8th for AVN left knee
I use heat and ice to help with pain.
Ice packs
Losing weight
pain management is not the solution to this disease. Surgery is.
Dealing with the depression and hopelessness
Having the doctor tell me I was late stage 3 (with collapse) explained the pain and the "popping out".
My husband has Crohn's and understands what it's like to suffer
Use CBD oils!