Yoga, as often and as hot I can stand it
Changes in my diet. I am on the AIP(Autoimmune Protocol Diet)
Paleo/clean diet e.g. Organic, un-processed foods. Cutting out/down sugar.
Fresh non processed foods
Diet change gluten sugar and process free
Paleo and AIP diets and exercise keeps me off meds completely.
Following The Gut Makeover and giving up gluten, dairy and nightshades.
Stopping methotrexate.
Medication hasn't worked for me
exercise as often as i can helps my mood and my mobility
Keep stress to a minimum
Being Diagnosed
Modified Paleo diet, no gluetin, whole foods, no added sugar,
I take Plaquenil every day
Finally being diagnosed after over 2yrs of tests
portable TENs unit
Clean eating
Getting enough sleep
Rest when needed...and don't feel guilty about it(or try not to)
Avoiding stress/overworking/tiredness.
Tai chi
working for myself, if in pain can take time off
Stay calm! Try to avoid un necasery stress!
Thai Chi has been amazing in times of flares and pain.
Lidocaine/lidoderm patches
Taking a 3 month course of the probiotic Symprove
Ensuring I have enough time for myself to rest and relax
Taking control and managing my condition.
I have a very supportive family
Hydroxychloraquine helped at first, but seems to no longer be working
See your rheumatologist regularly
After diagnosis and many years on learning to manage my illness
Epson salt baths and magnesium oil, ice packs
I take naproxan when its really bad
Trying all kinds of holistic remedies to find what works for me
lots of rest and taking things slow
Being patient and loving with myself
Limiting stress where possible
my dog keeps me active
Regular rest
Collagen peptides/protein make a big difference in severity of flares. I use it daily. Side effects: anti-aging. Win win!
Ibuprofen/prednisone and Tiger balm
Mindfulness app 'Breathe'
Researching and profilinng my condition.