Madapar pills
My wife has Msa
I got my medicine dosage correctly adjusted.
Maintaining normal activities as much as possible
Correcting my medication strength and schedule
drinking aloe Vera gel
Exercise regularly
Positive people...good friends. :)
Family support
Medicinen (Medicine)
Erfarenhetsutbyte och kunskaper gör STOR skillnad!
Exercise keeps me in the right place mentally.
1 year on Azilect
Creating my charity
Immediate care by a movement disorders specialist.
A wonderful Movement Disorder Specialist who is notnot terribly conservative and supported me in my quest for a better medication plan.
exercise & diet
Deep Brain Stimulation done in 2008, made a huge difference
My three grandsons ages 4, 8 and 12, they keep me going.
My dear wife who has taken the best care of me and my family for their support.
keep busy
Staying Positive
I started to take Carbidopa/Levodopa, Ropinirole, and Primidone
Just another day
be positive
Fabulous friends
My family and friends
Controlar dramáticamente factores de riesgo (sedentarismo, sobrepeso,) y hábitos tóxicos (alcohol en exceso)
Akineton de por vida
Il need the drugs help me please this is my émail [email protected] +242068554017 +242050335036
Medicine for Parkinson's disease helps me.
DBS implants!
Speech therapy made him able to speak where I can hear him and also helped his swallowing.
POSITIVE THINKING. Wife refuses to accept there is no cure and she never gives up looking for Nature's PD cure.
When I did CrossFit (can't currently because we moved)
Spiritual Guidance
PD-specific exercise for Parkinson's really works!
Having a great MDS.