Early diagnosis of condition
Physical Therapy.
Lot's of prayer time!
Intensive physical therapy for a couple of months helped a lot.
Physical therapy and occupational therapy
Amitriptyline helped a bit to get some sleep.
pain meds, my heating pad and biofreeze
A fantastic physical therapist
7 day course of steroids
Gabapentin & Naproxen
Autoimmune protocol
exercise and physical therapy
Occupational therapist who specializes in hands. I lost my function
Physical therapy as soon as I was diagnosed.
The pain meds are the only thing that helped me.
IV IgG helped tremendously
the nerves go with this
Lyrica and Cymbalta combination along with Xanaflax for sleep
Positive support from friends and family.
First time a rehab medicine Dr pain management helped tremendously.
Descanso absoluto en fase aguda de dolor
immediate steroid dose when pain starts
Pregabaline m a baissé la douleur
Physical therapy
Curcumin supplements.
Continuing to exercise at levels I could endure to help gain my strength back.
My children
Laying on a hard floor slightly tilted onto the affected shoulder.
Taping the affected muscle groups
Rest & patience
steroids and gabapentin during acute phase
Pool therapy to strengthen my arm
Daily exercises and nerve glides.
Sitting in my recliner
Prednisone made me go crazy
look forward to the miracle.
Physical therapy and shoulder taping
Physical therapy to get the arm moving, stretching, etc. again.
I'm optimistic that Peptide Therapy intervention will lessen recovery time with second episode