My son has PS, not me. He is born May 2014
Connecting with others through Facebook Communities
To find out that it has a name.
Johns Hopkins Hospital with Dr. John Ingari
La formación de la Academia me hace sentir bien, estoy mejorando mi cuerpo poco a poco en lugar no entrenar el pectoral no aumentar la diferencia.
avoir pu mettre un nom sur cette pathologie
Support groups on Facebook
Adapt and overcome
Being treated as a "normal" person
Being treated as a "normal" person
My first long-term girlfriend was not bothered at all by my birth defect. In fact, she made me feel very loved and special.
Prothesis in 1999
Like myself for who I am, faults and all
finding out what i have
The Poland Syndrome Support (USA) Group on Facebook!
Cirurgia reparadora
My mom let's me do what all kids do.
Getting through teenage years
Family support
You're not alone, there are others like you.
Telling my friends after hiding it for 20+ yrs
Dont allow it to define who you are
hacer ejercicio ir al gimnasio
Mi familia, sin su apoyo realmente no sería nada
My little guy is right side affected.
Discovering the condition had a name
Having a mother that supported me
My world's on fire how about yours
Also had symbrachydactyly
I played sports when I was a child
Being a mother
Being a mother
Being onstage. I was not my disfigured hand. I had a real life.
Understanding the links between my condition and other health issues
Getting a diagnosis
Having a great support network of friends and family who are understanding and caring
My Mum and Dad never make me feel different to others
Having confidence and loving Who You Are
Realizing that other people either didn't notice my torso asymmetry or didn't care about it.
Take my medicine
Make sport. Any kind of sport.
Talking to parents in similar situation has helped
Fundraising for PIP-UK to help others with Poland Syndrome
My blog- ask for the URL if you want!
Encontrar a alguien que te ama como eres, y el valor de esa persona por ello.