Healthy (Paleo) diet & supplements
meeting other patients
Taking lukewarm showers helps with the itching.
on Coumadin and watching the vitamin k intake
Drinking the liters of water a day.
Hydroxycarbimide asprin and venisections
Artigos científicos bem explicaticativos
je recherche des points positifs
Exercise, including cardio workouts and yoga
learning more about IPF
Using medical cannabis has been very helpful.
keeping iron low
positive attitude
j ai peur de mourir vite
Transcendental Meditation helps me cope with stress and chronic fatigue
helping other patients
A supportive spouse is the best thing.
I have other health issuse, due to all my blood clots
No red meat
try not to dwell on negative aspects.
Resposta às minhas perguntas
aidez moi