3 months on prednizone
Prednisone alleviated pain within 24 hours
Prednisone helped until I was made to reduce too quickly and now I'm on mtx as well
Prednisone brought symptoms under control within a few days.
Rest during the day
Prednisone got rid of the extreme pain and stiffness
AIP diet since October 2016
Very slow reduction in amount of prednizone you take
Epsom salt soaks help during a flare
Have an amazingly supportive partner
A combination of exercise through walking and resting/napping when fatigued is helpful.
My husband helps in everything I can't do
Following the Clint Paddison Programme which advocates eating an anti-inflammatory diet for the last year
Yoga and breathing exercises
Please confirm with your Doctor before adding any other medications.
NSAIDS or even prescribed pain killers have minimal effect
Finally learning to accept when I need to rest
Talking with others diagnosed with PMR has been a great support.
Painting is my lifeline
Getting enough rest and sleep
Infrared light