Receiving proper care and getting a second or third opinion helped save my life.
Talking to others to share, and know you're not alone
Invest in a blood pressure cuff at the beginning of your pregnancy!
My daughter helps me!
Speaking to anyone that was willing to hear my eclampsia story
I do sports included compétition
A microwaveable heating pad that has some weight behind it
Trying to stay positive.
Full hysterectomy plus oopherectomy
My husband. Always helping me, and telling the Drs what's wrong when my memory goes.
I have learnt how strong I really am
Entender la enfermedad
Watching my diet in regards to sodium intake.
Reading my hospital notes.
Know all of the signs and symptoms so if you think something is wrong you can speak up and catch it early
I cut back on pop!
Joined Preeclampsia & HELLP syndrome group in FB
i m very active
Support of friends and family.
Having a great support system of online friends.
Oestrogen and progesterone HRT
I have been able to finish more education
Estar acompañada 24 horas
Family support and faith in Jesus, God saved my life and is continuously standing with me.
Time. And supportive Drs who listen to my concerns
I try to eat healthy
After 9 months of Lebetalol, I self weaned and starting taking magnesium 250mg x2 a day. It helped to maintain my bp and felt much better
J ai 2 enfants : Esteban décédé pendant la grossesse et micaela née en juin 2015
Physical therapy
Learning as much as possible about my illnesses so I can advocate for myself.
Support groups
Un buen equipo médico