Aminoácidos de Cadena Ramificada me han ayudado a subir mi masa muscular y a lograr recuperar mi peso (aún en proceso)
After 7 months not knowing what is wrong,I finaly know how to help my baby
Bristol children's hospital, have been 100% with all my sons medical needs
Support from family and friends
No more than 10g of fat per day
Enzimas Pancreaticas me han ayudado con la absorción de los alimentos
Help from doctor who help my child and save his life
my son is only allowed 5g of fat for the whole day, very hard for a 5 year old, but he gotta do it for the rest of his life without that diet his protein leaks into his kidneys his whole body swells, his weight doubles his normal weight very scary.
Keep fluids up
Una dieta muy baja en azúcar y grasas también me ha ayudado
Hope that in few years he will be just fine
My son was born wit 3 spleens and reverse organs(situs inverses) too.
MCT Oil with meals