A wonderful wife who takes good care of me, even if she yells a lot.
Recently bought a mobility scooter which, I feel, allows me more freedom. By that I mean I don't have to rely on anyone to push me in my wheelchair.
Mantener una vida activa: trabajo, paseos, clases de ballet, bicicleta elíptica
Ser persistente para encontrar pronto el diagnóstico
Ser positivo y afrontar la enfermedad
A fancy power chair that adjusts seating position every which way.
I have an excellent GP, I can make an appointment to see her anytime, she will see me, even on her days off.
Baclofeno para la espasticidad
Hacer ejercicios, tomar medicación indicada para retrasar los efectos
Muy importante la familia
Having finally modified the house enough to be "HP friendly".
Can't think of a third.
Nunca rendirme
Tener vida en tu condición
Ejercicios y deporte dentro de mis limites