Understanding, acceptance, and accommodation from friends and family
Learning about prosopagnosia
Figuring out that face recognition was my problem
Just knowing there is an explanation, a name for this, has helped me feel so much better about myself.
Mit Freunden über die Krankheit zu sprechen
Acting training
Asthma Inhaler that I received after High School
Knowing that I'm less likely to "judge the book by its cover" when it comes to people. My condition somehow ends up meaning that I'm so much better at reading people truly.
As long as I remember my self
Self-diagnosed, but knowing there is a name for what I have has given great insight to many of my quirks
Finding out prosopagnosia is an actual condition and I am not the only one who deals with this helped a lot.
No medicines have made much impact, but getting diagnoses help to calm the perplexed mind.
Sharing my experiences to help others understand what the disorder is and how it affects me.
Lightening process
Telling others about my prosopagnosia
Enlisting family and friends to whisper names to me in social situations
No, I am not losing my mind, or are forgetful, or are not interested....I could go on and on.
Im Internet Leute gefunden haben die ähnliches Erleben
Accepted Prosopagnosia and adapted to it.
Finding other people with the same condition, just knowing that i'm not alone
I have foggy brain so that make it worst I guess
Knowing prosopagnosia is a real thing has given me more confidence in social situations
Joining prosopagnosia support groups on Facebook helped a lot. It's great to share stories and questions with folks with the same challenge.
Others introducing themselves each time we meet
Mindfulness and meditation
Friends and family
I try and find the humour in all of this.
Meine Geschichten mit anderen Betroffenen zu teilen
Oddly: having a name to describe a very fundamental part of my daily life
it's easier to have a wing man to remind me who "familiar" people are, even just a few minutes after being reminded already!
Letting people know about my challenge so they do not misinterpret it for rudeness
apoyo familiar