Think positive
Abdominal reconstruction at age 3
be cureus about your condition the more you can lern more usefull
I accepted my handicap
They gave me a treatment of antibiotics
I had desferioxamine to take aluminium out of my system that took 4 years 3 days a week mon ,wed and fri
Diagnosticado na US do 1º trimestre
Mitrofanoff at age 3
my mom who fight with me
I learned a lot in my life
My Mum have got the support of somebody To pay my medical bills
It’s always been my Mum that has been through all good and bad times.
Acompanhamento com Urologista desde da gestação
Happiness and love
Ureter reimplantation and reconstruction at age 7
hardy hendren and victor politano helps a lot
Have more energie with mine handbike
Since I have been reduced my bladder I do less urinary infections
I love fishing and playing guitar