Counselling and learning coping mechanisms
IV Rocephin, other abx (Dapsone, Mepron, Doxy) + FMT
Neurologist familiar w Erythrolelagia & willing to work thru varied symptoms & cocktails of meds
Cuidado de los cambios de temperatura
My husband helps me stay strong
Seeing this health challenge as an opportunity to change and educate.
Low dose naltrexone, temazepam, tizanidin, bisoprolol, acetylsalicylic acid, DHEA, 7-keto-DHEA, progesterone cream, B12 supplements, iron + megadosing vitamin C, magnesium citrate, MCT oil, Cod liver oil, zinc picolinate, trace minerals
Intento no pensar en la enfermedad
Going to Cincinnati Children's hospital
Family and friends
Subcutaneous IgG
Be proactive in taking meds- don't wait for symptoms to escalate. I set alarm during the day. LOTS of water!
Listening to my body and 'trying' to rest appropriately, rather then pushing through and wearing myself to complete exhaustion.
Uso de guantes delgados (de tela) como primera capa
Moved to milder climate
Morphine ER
I am a fighter not a quitter
Understanding that medicine is an art and there are nuances to treatment.
My significant other
Aprendí a aceptar mis limitaciones y a vivir con ellas
Getting my dog Pearl
Quinidine and Zofran to fight the queasiness
I wear boots (Ariat western boots) to better frame/protect feet vs sneakers/soft shoes.
Taking my meds consistantly- once I wouldn't take a paracetamol so took some time to accept taking medicine
Tratar de eatar relajado a pesar de situaciones que provoquen ansiedad o nerviosismo
Learning to face fear in the face
Even though it is difficult, slowing down and letting go of the need to control all aspects of my life.
My will to survive
Desde que me están tratando con rituximab me encuentro mucho mejor
Making it my goal my become a Neurogastroenterologist to help others like me