Cidofivir injections have given me two remissions from RRP in the past
Kiwi - Love New Zealand even tho I moved to Australia
Cidofovir injections
There is hope
Finding a support system
My faith
Injections of Avastin in vocal cords during surgery.
For my IBS-D I have found Viberzi to be the best solution.
Had RRP but seem to be clear at the moment
RRP Support Group
My daughter has been in remission for 12 years
Educating self and self advocacy
My family
Surgery to remove papillomas by a skilled surgeon and his team.
I regularly sing to help keep my vocal cords in good shape.
Had back issues but lifestyle changes and 2 ops have helped that
Knowledge and Research!!!
Riley hospital in Indianapolis, IN is amazing
Being able to travel and engage in new experiences
A future cure
Access to excellent continuous care.