A loving family
Annabel rolled and sat by herself at 11months.
EP300 gene so not detected in routine genetic testing
support of family and friends
My son is 4.
Connecting with other RTS families
Kinaret/Anakinra injections daily to treat Chronic Inflammatory Condition.
With time things get "easier"
Watching your baby can read dvds
Spinal fusion
Good doctors
Savannah has drive and determination and I think that keeps us as parents driven.
Speech language therapy
Support and love from others
Support from family and friends
Gluten dairy sugar free diet plus natural supplements improved my health.
Lots of positive support from the special needs class at school,Riding for the disabled & being accepted in the community
Annabel crawled, pull herself up and walking around things at 25/26months.
physical therapy
Tonsillectomy to enlarge airway
Learning to type with Facilitated Communication so I can communicate.
Finding a great support group is very important
Speech therapy from school
My family
Savannah's loving nature and great sense of humor helps us to move forward each day.
Occupational therapy
ABA regional center eye drops.
Participating in competitive cheer
Weetbix everyday, watermelon, food food food healthy fruit, big appetite and drinking water conpletly cured my constipation, now I'm regular n no more lactulose
support groups on facebook
Surgery to straighten thumbs
Having a consistent schedule.
Never give up hope for the future
Connecting with other rts families
Video games
Proloqu2go has made understanding Savannah much easier lessening her frustration with us.
Physical therapy
A healthy diet. Excercise
Finding the right doctor