My daughter Shelby had MPS IIIA
Mis hijas me tienen viva
Keep active doing school, sports, and 4-H
Jesse was first child in USA to take genistein and still takes it 14 years later for SRT in Sanfilippo !
Die wissenschaftliche Auseinadersetzung mit der Diagnose
She passed away 01-28-2015 ate age 20.
A no guardar mis penas y males, soltar todo
Lots of coloring and reading picture books
Jesse takes more vitamins and supplement to support metabolism than he does drugs !
Mein Studium zum Förder- und Inklusionspädagogen
Trabajar y tener proyectos
Watch cartoons-especially Dora, Blues Clues, Spongebob, and Barney!
Healthy eating and preventive maintanence of all symptoms before they escalate has kept me healthy overall, mom makes sure I get plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep my mind and brain receiveing and doing things !
Sein Lachen