Sleeping pills so I can stay asleep at night.
Getting a diagnosis and accepting my diagnosis.
A good therapist (can take a while to find the right one!)
Knowing my triggers and listening to my body has really helped improve my mental health.
Move out West
My service dog.
driving an automatic car (less muscle fatigue) with high seat level (helps getting in and out) and protects me from extreme temperatures
Pain pills
Cognitive behavior therapy--even the little things.
Anti-depressant medication (bupropion)
Removing gluten and wheat from my diet has reduced the number and severity of my migraines.
Vacation out West in the winter.
working 4 days per week with Wednesday off
quitting full-time job
Telling friends and finding out they're incredibly supportive!
Bio-identical progesterone during luteal phase
Sleep is a crucial component in my health.
Try to keep exercising.
My pets.
having a rest day after a busy social event