Drinking plenty.
I made bone marrow transplant ten years ago! I feel much better !!!
Only those affected can put a stop to the stigma
I have open heart surgery
Dr. Yadlapati and Nurse Practitioner Tanisha Smith have both helped me with this sickness and my Social Worker Jensine have also been a big help to me as well as my family and friends. My Specialists understands me and listen to me about what im going thr
live a regular life, stay warm (use electric blanket!)
Minha família.
Staying warm no matter what!
L-Glutamine supplement (Dr. Yutaka Niihara)
I do not have a right hip
The medications i take are Jadenu, Folic Acid, Hydroxyurea, Narco (for the pain crisis) and i also use pain Patches ( i can't spell the word right, so i say pain patches)..
eat healthy, drink sufficiently
Meus amigos.
Getting the dark leafy veggies in my diet.
Balanced diet
and suffering with the disease by itself
I go to school to better myself and to say I did something in life and not just sitting at home doing nothing...
acupuncture when a pain crisis starts may prevent a severe crisis