Listen to your body & slow down or stop when you need to
My husband has been my supporter and my voice
I have support from my children
Facet injections
Only take muscle relaxants & codeine
Hydrotherapy really helps as I can't exercise on land but using the pool helps with stamina.
Hot bath and pacing, breaking down activities
Fired my drug-pushing doctors
Supportive environment
Find a good rheumatologist that knows you condition
Support groups are great to turn to
I have my grandchildren to spend time with and give me hope for the future
Great doctors who don't "write you off" and never give up trying to figure out what's wrong
Keep active
get rid of negative emotions, avoiding stressful situations
Researched natural remedies & herbal medicines
Aquatic therapy
Don't feel guilty about saying no to others
Plexus pink Drink helped with a lot of my pain
I am a survivor not a victim
A positive attitude!!!
You are not alone
being grateful of all the things I still can do despite the persistent pain
Things that promote healing: Noni Juice, Aloe Vera Juice, Cayenne, Meadowsweet ...