Early intervention/therapy really made a difference in my daughters physical abilities.
first AED really help was Vigabatrine
Started having seizures at 5 weeks old
Finding out my daughter's diagnosis 3 years ago.
Sabril is a drug that controls my seizures
I once tryed the keytogenic diet
A mi hijo le ayudó mucho la vigabatrina
Spinal correction surgery
Keppra ha risolto crisi epilettiche
VNS device
La medicacion
Finding a good school to help her grow, and help us as her parents to learn new ways to teach our daughter.
my parents and professionals keep trying to feed me oral, it cost 3 years but at age of 4 i was eating and love food
Seizures affect Frontal, cental, and occipital parts of brain and move in those areas.
Knowing that other parents struggle with the same issues, like toilet training.
I’m lucky to have my mum , she is my biggest advocate
I live wth my mum and dad
Se le hizo terapias con cámaras hipervarica en Guayaquil - Ecuador
My mom is my strongest advocate
Libero da medicine
Frequent family visits
much exercising will help to walk independent after years.....
Takes two types of meds to try to control seizures
Joining the STXBP1 Family Facebook private page.
Ketogenic diet help controlled my seizures
I was part of the original study in Belgium that discovered the STXPB1 gene mutation
El método integra
Combination of my medication
Cammina ma non parla
Less of brain attack