Plaquenil and methotrexate have helped the most with my sweets lesions
Have been on a reduced dose of Dapsone
Knowing that there are other people with Sweet Syndrome
Just learning to rest more and take one day at a time
Discontinued all prescribed medication
Prednisone prescriptions on hand for when an attack occurs
Staying clear of anti inflammatory medication
Started on prednisone at first then dapsone which made me deathly ill
Get plenty of rest
Talking to people with Sweet Syndrome
My mother has been a rock for me
Started juicing from two to threetimes daily. Then treated frequencies to two times week. FREE OF PAIN! Juice twice every couple months now or whenever I start feeling skin sensitivity
Heat packs
Having support with the sweets fb page
No med has help that much I have learned to understand my signs and rest as much as needed
OM! Meditation sounds are comforting.
Voltaren emulgel